The Kuropatwa Brothers - Alex and Oliver Kuropatwa - Kuropatwa Ltd


About The Kuropatwa Brothers 

Alex and Oliver Kuropatwa started building homes in 2006, and from the beginning have steadily grown their contracting business. 

The Company they have built is not simply a ‘development manager’ but rather an integrated contractor, incorporating a broad range of experience and skills that extend to a metal and joinery workshop in Croydon where the Company makes its own windows and doors as well as more complex finishes such as kitchens, staircases and even furniture. The Company is comfortable adapting the level of finish to respective target markets. 

Prior to property, the Alex and Oliver Kuropatwa worked in banking (JP Morgan, Schroders), advertising and management consultancy (Mckinsey & Co) and studied at Cambridge and Harvard Business School.

Kuropatwa Ltd projects range from residential led developments in strategic locations undergoing regeneration to single super prime units in central London. They operate both independently and in partnership with investors and land owners. Kuropatwa Ltd is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and understands the responsibility of working in densely populated urban spaces.

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