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Oliver Kuropatwa

Oliver Kuropatwa resigned from his position in general equity sales at Schroders Securities in the late 1990’s to mine and prospect for diamonds along the Orange and Vaal Rivers in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province.

Cut off by a 100km dirt road leading to the prospecting site, Oliver lived in a 6 x 2m converted shipping container during the week near a tiny mining town called Douglas.

After Douglas, Oliver Kuropatwa moved to a mining area called Longlands where he was able to travel to site daily from Kimberley, the famous mining town that many consider the home of diamonds in South Africa.

Oliver Kuropatwa later co-founded a cutting and polishing operation.  Oliver has since left South Africa and is a co-founding partner of Kuropatwa Ltd, a property development and construction business.

Visit Oliver Kuropatwa company Kuropatwa Brothers website here. 

Like the Kuropatwa Facebook page and follow him on the official Oliver Kuropatwa Twitter profile here. You can connect with Oliver Kuropatwa through the official Oliver Kuropatwa LinkedIn page Oliver Kuropatwa LinkedIn. Oliver Kuropatwa was previously a founding partner of Kuropatwa Brothers, visit the Kuropatwa Brothers website here Kuropatwa Brothers.  Connect with Oliver Kuropatwa here. Oliver Kuropatwa profile here

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